On not having a bed

I don’t have a bed.

While being in Paris I realised, that I don’t have any bed on my own. Don’t get me wrong. I have a place to sleep, in various countries actually. But no bed I can call a ‘oh-my-i-love-to-crawl-in-you-all-day-long’ bed. And you know what?

It’s smashy! I’ve never felt so free.

Few months ago, not having my own bed (read:home) would be the worst situation that could happen to me. But now… Now I realised that this was my dream. Very well hidden indeed, but pretty strong one. I released my hidden Nomad and I love her.

You know that sometimes you just have this feeling that everything what has happen in your life was guiding you to this very moment? To put it into connection, I moved more than 10 times so far (and can’t be bothered to count it anymore) and for sure I’ll be moving every year for next 5 years. Why? Because I’m about to start my BSc course in September. I guess, this is just about the time to realize that the bed-security is overrated value. In fact I actually have every bed in the world without the burden of being stuck at one place for too long. That is what youth is about, right?

How many times in a lifetime can one say that they have no bed? Ha!

(However, my father spoiled my excitement by saying that the very same happend to him and lasted many years, like 7. or 10. I’cant feel unique anymore… disaster!)

So, are you planning on not having a bed?


2 thoughts on “On not having a bed

  1. Hey there, first off , congratulations on your blog! It felt like you’ve shared a piece of you in this post. You don’t know how it feels to have something called ” home”, but I bet the whole world feels like ” home” to you ! I think in a sense it makes you stronger. As you said , you are free. You aren’t attached to one place. For me, my parents moved houses when i was four, and we lived the last twenty years in our current house. I just moved to london a year ago, so literally this is the third time in my life that i change my ” bed” ! I still have my bed back home and i miss it. It makes me feel secure knowing that when things get tough, i can go home !

    Your experience is completely different than mine and I wonder if i will ever experience this feeling of being a ” nomad” as you put it.

    Well done ,Dof ! loved your post. So looking forward to your next post. Till then, be well 🙂

    • Thank You very much Hind!
      You are historically my first commenter. Congratulations!
      I believe that you’ll be moving more (and maybe even quite often) in the future, but make sure you still have ‘your bed’. The ‘bed freedom’ comes at its price – I gotta share the bed with my brother now and he’s a little bit of a night sprawler 😉
      I’ll do my best so you will enjoy reading my dof-ish posts in the future too.

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