Ok kids, 

I’m back. It’s the exam time which is also annually the best time to rejuvenate and embrace my  internet identity.

I made a decision to just leave the former posts here, even though they are a part of the life that is now long gone. Too many things has happen since but now I’m starting with a clean slate. 

So look forward to a breeze of new life to this dumpy little corner of the mighty internet.


PS: Articles in the English language still sucks.


Hold on

My dear you, I know there’s not much going on since I left UK, but hold on, I’ll be back in the mid September with some posts about Czech Republic, my summer dreams and the ‘how to get to uni in UK microguide’. will continue

Till then get inspired by Coca Cola’s advert. I know it’s coke, but it’s still really good idea!

Have the greatest last moments of summer!


I can’t help it but I have to share this with you. Chances are that you already know this song well. But



Look again

The question is: Must we justify?

Until then. Tell me your dreams, am I in them?