On not having a bed

I don’t have a bed.

While being in Paris I realised, that I don’t have any bed on my own. Don’t get me wrong. I have a place to sleep, in various countries actually. But no bed I can call a ‘oh-my-i-love-to-crawl-in-you-all-day-long’ bed. And you know what?

It’s smashy! I’ve never felt so free.

Few months ago, not having my own bed (read:home) would be the worst situation that could happen to me. But now… Now I realised that this was my dream. Very well hidden indeed, but pretty strong one. I released my hidden Nomad and I love her.

You know that sometimes you just have this feeling that everything what has happen in your life was guiding you to this very moment? To put it into connection, I moved more than 10 times so far (and can’t be bothered to count it anymore) and for sure I’ll be moving every year for next 5 years. Why? Because I’m about to start my BSc course in September. I guess, this is just about the time to realize that the bed-security is overrated value. In fact I actually have every bed in the world without the burden of being stuck at one place for too long. That is what youth is about, right?

How many times in a lifetime can one say that they have no bed? Ha!

(However, my father spoiled my excitement by saying that the very same happend to him and lasted many years, like 7. or 10. I’cant feel unique anymore… disaster!)

So, are you planning on not having a bed?


The start of a new dream

Hello world. ( at least this is what WordPress sets up as a default first post)

A new blog was just born.

Why, you ask? Why not, I ask.

I think in a life of every western individual the moment comes when you just feel like you need to share a bit of you with everyone who is willing to listen. Dream bless the internet for that!

My mother tongue is Czech, but I decided to write this blog in English. Mostly because I really really need to improve my written English, but also because when English is not your first language it seems so much easier to say things you’d never be able to say in your native language. I believe we all have been there.

As for the name. I asked the urbandictionary what it things of word ‘dof’. This is what it says:

A noun, verb, and adjective. Strongly reliant upon inflection. Generally means to be awesome, a state of awesomeness (or stupidity), and to do something awesome. Can be used as “dofness” “dofity” “doffed” or as an expression of indifference like “duh”

I feel like this is the essence. So just get along with it and prepare yourself to be awesomized (or stupidified).

I was, actually, thinking of starting a blog for a few months now. But do you know how difficult it is to choose a name? Oh my, it took me about a half year to do so. But at the end, it just came to me like some sort of enlightenment. ‘I dream. All the time. Even when I think about past I dream. Future? The same. Present? In present I actually live my dreams.’

Dreams are so powerful. Not only the ones we experience during our REM phase, but also the ones we create for ourselves. I love my dreams. I used to think that dreams I have are just ment to stay unreal, but recently I realised that my dreams are sneakily coming true, bastards. Best realisation I’ve ever had. Strongly recommended!

So. To summarise:

Welcome and feel free to dream with me