On Loss

We can’t break free from loss.

And it hurts. I know it’s nothing new under the sun, but during the time when the losses are minor I tend to forgot how it feels to loose something precious. This time, the something was someone. And oh yes. It hurts.

I hoped, that the rationale that this loss had a greater purpose and is a part of the ‘Plan’, and that I’m content with the situation, would help me to feel less pain. But it does not help. I wonder If anything would help? Maybe people just must live through their losses and maybe that old, pretty much culturally universal, saying, that what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger, is actually true.

The simplicity and easiness of cutting the bond are the scariest from all. Just with a word. Done. Bye.

It’s so sad. The knowledge that now you’re being erased from someones life.

Because that’s what survivors do.

I’m not a survivor like that. I only respect that.

Well boys and girls,the dream must go on and I’m sure that future losses will be even more painful. Yipee!

I wanted to find some song, that would be just right, but I didn’t. So, I’ll finish today with a song he hated in the version he’d like.